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Best Places to Eat in Morgantown: A Situational Approach

WVU students love their food. There are some iconic restaurants on High Street and in other locations that students frequent at all times of the night. However, not all situations are the same, and certain foods are not appropriate for certain situations. We have selected 4 situations that come up for WVU students.

Best On-Campus Food (Not named Chick-Fil-A, Quiznos, Sbarro, or Burger King):

1. Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe’

Taziki’s is located in the Mountainlair as well as in Suncrest Town Center. Other than the Saikou Sushi, this is probably the most healthy selection in the Lair, and the most delicious. The Turkey and Egg Sandwich is our favorite, which is a buttermilk bread with grilled fresh turkey, romaine lettuce, a hard boiled egg and mayonaise. This is a simple concept, but the quality ingredients make the sandwich a great selection for lunch in the Lair.

2. The Terrace Room at Stalnaker Hall

Although the quality of the ingredients used in the Dining Halls is obviously lower due to the quantity of the food they make, The Terrace Room probably produces the least amount of food due to the amount of residents in Stalnaker and Dadisman halls. Made-to-order sandwiches are served all day and the Demo Bar offers unique selections such as stir-fry and burger bar. As far as dining halls go, Stalnaker is probably the best.

3. Summit Cafe

The best part of Summit Cafe is their brick oven pizza. It’s unique and although not as authentic as your typical brick oven, it is still delicious. They offer unique selections every day and offer a variety in their M-T-O sandwiches.

Best overall food downtown:

1. Chaang Thai

This authentic thai restaurant is one of a kind in Morgantown. It is as close to authentic thai and pan-asian cuisine as you can find, and is probably the highest quality of food and ingredients on High Street. Our favorite dish is the Pad Thai. It isn’t unique to other Pad Thai dishes, but it is just quality execution of a standard dish. They know what they are and they do it well.

2. Chico’s Fat

This California style Mexican joint has a relaxed atmosphere, with posters of old Grateful Dead concerts and music memorabilia all over the restaurant. They also boast unique takes on standard dishes like the Chicken Enchilada Soup. This dish is a healthful alternative to a chicken enchilada without the bread, and its a slightly spicy and full-bodied soup. Also, the tortillas are fresh and grilled to perfection which adds a crunch to any quesadilla, and adds freshness to your burrito.

3. Tailpipes

This 50’s diner style burger joint is the premier place to get a burger in Morgantown. Tailpipes boasts a delicious and tangy fry sauce, an elaborate list of burger selections and a seriously creative array of milkshakes. Our favorite here is the cinnamon toast crunch shake which tastes just like the cereal, but with an icy and creamy touch. We like places who do what they do well and tailpipes does just that.

Late Night Food:

1. Jimmy Johns

This is the fastest delivery place in Morgantown, and also is probably the healthiest. Also, this place is relatively cheap. There’s a reason its a national chain, and it’s because of good quality deli sandwiches that come fast. In terms of late night food, quality is an issue, but Jimmy Johns is not bad and has the best quality of anything open past 11

2. Munchies

This stoner-themed fried-food joint always reeks of burger smoke when you walk in. Everything on the menu is fried to oblivion, however they offer some tasty treats and good burgers. They also deliver cigarettes and cigarillos. They offer some unique bites such as the “Rueben Bites” and their fried zucchini is probably the tastiest thing on the menu. If you are looking for something greasy, go to munchies.

3. D.P. Dough

Although there have been some rumors going around town about D.P. Dough, their calzones are a favorite of WVU students. However, if the calzones get cold which they tend to do when they are delivered, it loses a lot of it’s flavor. Our favorite here is BBQ Steak Zone. The mix of the pizza dough and the barbecue sauce slightly resembles a beef brisket sandwich, although they are not using the brisket cut. Again, not our favorite but D.P. Dough continues to be a late night force.

Best Food for Mountaineer Away Games:

1. Keglers

Although you have to go out to the stadium to get it, Keglers wings are the best in town. The Kegler’s “gold” sauce is a creamy mustard sauce with some heat which has some great flavor profiles. They are slightly expensive, but if you are looking for good wings Kegler’s is the place to go.

2. Martin’s Barbecue

This is the only classic ‘cue joint in Morgantown. You have to make the trek up to Suncrest Town Center, but it’s worth it.They make contest-style barbecue at extremely low rates. The smoked turkey is surprisingly delicious and couples well with their Alabama White sauce. The best thing on their menu is their corn bread hoe cake. This is essentially a pancake made with corn bread batter. It combines with their sauces and breaks down to make it a unique BBQ taste. Although I have had better ‘cue in my day, this is the premier ‘cue in Morgantown. This is great game day food.

We are only listing 2 places, but Clutch has been highly praised, we just haven’t tried it yet. A full review of clutch will be available soon.

The food scene in Morgantown sometimes gets spoken about negatively, however there are great places if you just look hard enough. So get out there and sample what Morgantown has to offer!*

-Joe Lipovich

TV Journalism Student

West Virginia University

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